Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing is a rich and complex energy healing modality in the tradition of Merlin (yes, Merlin!)

It is a kind of energy healing that is a blend of energy healing and consciousness raising (awakening).

Vortex is a very old healing modality (2700 years old) that was rediscovered in 1994.

The Merlin of King Arthur’s time was a healer and teacher in the Vortex lineage. The healing energies are expressions of the Divine and heal deep “conditioning” in the human energy system, conditioning that keeps us from being well and “free” (“liberated.”)

In the energy healing component it can heal at the physical, emotional, consciousness, and Karmic levels. At the consciousness level, it can increase a person’s awareness of greater levels of nonduality and aspects of the Divine.

Vortex Healing at the physical level includes: energy meridian and chakra balancing, energizing the system, rebalancing organs, and a range of types of physical healing.

Vortex Healing at the emotional level includes: bringing more awareness to the roots of emotional issues, clearing emotional issues, releasing “ego positions”, emotional fixations, and more.

Vortex Healing at the spiritual level includes: transmitting many “flavors” of spiritual energetics to the receiver so that they can have an experience of them (“divine peace”, “divine love”, etc.), receiving a grounding cord transmission, reconnection with the vital web of life, etc. Vortex Healing at the soul level includes: removing levels of karmic “conditioning” that keeps us in separation consciousness.

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As a psychologist, I use Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing to support and enable your emotional growth. I do not use it in the role of an energy healer.

Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing runs energies that support, strengthen, realign and balance a person’s physical energy as a beginning part of each Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing session, because deep transformation can work better if a person’s energy system is more ready to receive and utilize the healing energies coming in. If physical body healing happens, that is the Grace of the modality but that is not my primary purpose.

Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing: Why I Like It and Why I Offer It:

With VORTEX HEALING® Divine Energy Healing Your Higher Self and the Divine are in Charge: In this modality, the “Healer” is not determining what should be done or how it should be done. Rather the healer is a facilitator and your Higher Self and the appropriate aspects of the Divine are guiding the direction of the healing and determining which energetic tools are being used.

VORTEX HEALING® Divine Energy Healing is Impeccable: The “healer” cannot make a mistake, because the healer doesn’t decide what to do or how to do it. Your Higher Self and the Divine are in charge, and what goes on is determined by Spiritual Law.

With VORTEX HEALING® Divine Energy Healing, You Can Receive Help Through Grace: What is Grace? It’s when there is a huge healing, shift, opening, or transformation that is facilitated by your Higher Self and aspects of the Divine.

For more information on VortexHealing Divine ® Divine Energy Healing visit their website www.vortexhealing.org. “Vortex Healing” is a registered service mark of the R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.

Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing runs energies that nourish and strengthen the person’s energy system.

Charlotte’s Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing Success Story

Charlotte was a very intelligent highly motivated client who worked hard in therapy and made a lot of progress.

However one issue still gave her difficulty even though we had a good understanding of what the issue was and where it came from. She had a wonderful, brilliant, energetic and strong-willed child.

Whenever her child “acted out” in public, she felt shame and inadequacy even though she knew she was an excellent mother and he just had to go through his process.

Charlotte was open to trying a Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing session, which we did on this issue. She reported that after the session, she never felt any shame, embarrassment, or fear of what other people thought , or personal inadequacy when her son “acted out” in public. This is the Grace of Vortex Healing!

Ivy’s Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing Success Story

Ivy had a number of health problems that were also leading her to feel overwhelmed and even hopeless. She had medical conditions, was in a bike accident, and she had trauma from her family of origin.

Ivy wanted a Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing session to see what it could do for her and specifically help her be more grounded in her body.

But a big part of her was emotionally reluctant to be grounded in her body because it was so uncomfortable to be “in it”. We asked for a new way to ground that worked for her.

After the session, Ivy reported that at least the first third of the session was spent on an energetic intervention on her skull (which had been injured in her accident.) She felt various “bones” being worked on and then the rest of the session focused on “the rest of her.”

After the session she did feel grounded in a different way, “better”, but it was hard to describe in words. While we do not know exactly what happened, we do know from cranial sacral work that the cranium is central to body alignment and is involved in feeling grounded.

Subsequently we did more Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing sessions and Ivy became progressively more grounded.

A More Complete Therapy

Embrace your true self and use that connection to accelerate your emotional healing and personal growth.


Explore your thoughts, story, personal history, and “issues.” What do you want help with, what you want to change, and what you want to create?



By bringing awareness to the emotional issues stored in our physical body, we can shift stuck energies, enliven your life force, and inspire personal growth.



By integrating therapy with YOUR spiritual beliefs, ideas of what’s possible, and concepts of how “life works,” you can have a fuller personal growth experience.



A More Complete Therapy uses a holistic mix of therapy and energy healing tecniques to get powerful results. Some of my most commonly used methods include:

Yes I do offer Traditional Therapy. This is Talk Therapy and usually is for people who are new to therapy or only want to work on a specific issue for a shorter period of time, but I am open to exploring what your interests and needs are.

Learn more about Individual Therapy

Yes, I do Telehealth!

Over years of initial research, Telehealth has been shown to be highly effective. During the times of mandated stay-at-home, it is the safest way to do therapy! I do Telehealth by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, and a therapy video service called Doxyme.

Not all of A Complete Therapy can be done via Telehealth but a good portion of it can.

We can do: Talk Therapy, Energy Healing, Spirituality, Soul level techniques, and Evolutionary Energetics. We can do components of Body Therapy and EMDR, remotely.

During the pandemic, we cannot do Neurofeedback in my office, but you could buy a Personal Home Neurofeedback system (and I can guide you through using it and help you incorporate its effects into your personal growth process.)

A More Complete Therapy is a private pay therapy — the fee is $250 per 60-minute session.

Most Complete Therapy sessions include Talk Therapy, Body Therapy, Energy Healing, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, and Soul Plan Reading.

  • EMDR sessions are often 90 minutes long ($300) but can also be done in 60-minute sessions ($250.)
  • The fee for Soul Realignment readings by themselves is $600 but when done as part of a Complete Therapy Experience it is $250 (for the reading, clearing, and paper work) in addition to the $250 reporting session (90 minutes.) [During the times of the pandemic crisis, reduced rates are available.]

It is possible to come for my separate modalities, and not therapy:

  • If you come for just EMDR and not Complete Therapy, the fee is $250 for the 60 minute session and $300 for the 90 minute session.
  • If you come for Neurofeedback (and not therapy) the fee $200 per session or $150 per session when you buy a package of 10.
  • A Soul Plan Reading by itself (without therapy) is $400 and is a 90 minute reading.
  • A Soul Realignment Reading by itself (without therapy) is $600, and involves the practitioner doing the clearing separately from the feedback/reporting session (which takes 90 minutes.)


I accept insurance for traditional Talk Therapy sessions. (They can include some meditation, breathing, relaxation techniques as they are also covered by insurance.) These sessions are 45 minutes. I am on most major insurance panels, including Aetna, Cigna, Emblem, United Health Care, Medicare, etc.

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