Anxiety is a multi-level problem. To heal it requires a multi-faceted approach.

Together, we can shift your anxiety into a state of calm and being grounded. We can find your best way to shift your thoughts, calm your body, feel safe, and be connected to others in positive and rewarding ways! Here’s where anxiety is felt across our being:

The anxious mind is never quiet or at peace but always busy with worry

Mental Body — First, if you are anxious you have repetitive thoughts that come from your anxiety and create more worry, and fear. There are all kinds of anxiety thoughts, about your safety, your self-image, your loved ones, your health, your finances, your work, your future (worrying about what hasn’t happened yet), your past (worrying about what has already happened.)

In a More Complete Therapy, we use Talk Therapy techniques to discover what your specific anxieties and fears are and where they came from in your history.

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Anxiety creates ripples of fear and paradoxical rigidities in our physical body

Physical Body – When you are anxious, your body responds with tension and constriction. Then this tightening up tells your brain, “I’m anxious”, causing you to feel more anxious.

Using Core Energetics Body Therapy techniques, we will track down where your tension responses are held in your physical body. We will find out what happens in your body when you have anxiety and fear. Then we will discover which techniques and tools help you feel calmer and safer.

When our emotional issues are still “active” we have ongoing anxieties

Emotional Body – Any and all unresolved emotional issues create anxiety (poor self-esteem, relationship problems, depression, vocational confusion, etc.) Because they are unresolved our issues are like “unfinished business” and “loose ends” that create imbalance and therefore anxiety.

Using standard Talk Therapy tools of psychological history taking and diagnostic assessment, we get clarity on what your key issues are and how they relate to your anxiety, and help to create it. Then we craft a multi-strategic approach to heal your anxiety.


Are you very sensitive to energy? Sensitivity without tools to manage it leads to anxiety.

I can help you create your own energy management system

Social Body – Social anxiety is difficult and painful: you feel inadequate and even panicky about socializing. Social anxiety can come from many things, poor self-esteem, weaker social skills, anxiety in general, past social traumas, etc. And now for some people, social media has created another level of social anxiety, when people feel inadequate looking at their friend’s posts.

And if you are very sensitive to energy in general, you likely feel “anxiety” but don’t know where it is coming from.

And now, there are new sources of anxiety on Planet Earth

The COVID-19 pandemic, increasing political polarization, and tumultuous societal upheaval has also created new anxieties, from actual PTSD from COVID, to ongoing distress and angst about social and political matters.

Some people (like myself) believe this time to be an evolutionary time, bringing change for the better (but with difficult upheaval.) Whatever your viewpoint we need specialized, individualized, and increasingly refined ways to get through.

When we are connected to ourselves, the earth, and others in a secure way, our anxiety melts away

Spiritual Self — On the psycho-spiritual level, if you feel unconnected, you feel anxious. So, we also explore if you are connected to the Earth (grounded) and if you are connected to Spirit in the way that’s right for you. We create your personal, optimal way to ground and connect to spiritual resources (whatever they may be for you , Nature, a spiritual system, meditation, etc.)

A More Complete Therapy

Embrace your true self and use that connection to accelerate your emotional healing and personal growth.


Explore your thoughts, story, personal history, and “issues.” What do you want help with, what you want to change, and what you want to create?



By bringing awareness to the emotional issues stored in our physical body, we can shift stuck energies, enliven your life force, and inspire personal growth.



By integrating therapy with YOUR spiritual beliefs, ideas of what’s possible, and concepts of how “life works,” you can have a fuller personal growth experience.



A More Complete Therapy uses a holistic mix of therapy and energy healing tecniques to get powerful results. Some of my most commonly used methods include:

Yes I do offer Traditional Therapy. This is Talk Therapy and usually is for people who are new to therapy or only want to work on a specific issue for a shorter period of time, but I am open to exploring what your interests and needs are.

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Yes, I do Telehealth!

Over years of initial research, Telehealth has been shown to be highly effective. During the times of mandated stay-at-home, it is the safest way to do therapy! I do Telehealth by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, and a therapy video service called Doxyme.

Not all of A Complete Therapy can be done via Telehealth but a good portion of it can.

We can do: Talk Therapy, Energy Healing, Spirituality, Soul level techniques, and Evolutionary Energetics. We can do components of Body Therapy and EMDR, remotely.

During the pandemic, we cannot do Neurofeedback in my office, but you could buy a Personal Home Neurofeedback system (and I can guide you through using it and help you incorporate its effects into your personal growth process.)

A More Complete Therapy is a private pay therapy — the fee is $250 per 60-minute session.

Most Complete Therapy sessions include Talk Therapy, Body Therapy, Energy Healing, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, and Soul Plan Reading.

  • EMDR sessions are often 90 minutes long ($300) but can also be done in 60-minute sessions ($250.)
  • The fee for Soul Realignment readings by themselves is $600 but when done as part of a Complete Therapy Experience it is $250 (for the reading, clearing, and paper work) in addition to the $250 reporting session (90 minutes.) [During the times of the pandemic crisis, reduced rates are available.]

It is possible to come for my separate modalities, and not therapy:

  • If you come for just EMDR and not Complete Therapy, the fee is $250 for the 60 minute session and $300 for the 90 minute session.
  • If you come for Neurofeedback (and not therapy) the fee $200 per session or $150 per session when you buy a package of 10.
  • A Soul Plan Reading by itself (without therapy) is $400 and is a 90 minute reading.
  • A Soul Realignment Reading by itself (without therapy) is $600, and involves the practitioner doing the clearing separately from the feedback/reporting session (which takes 90 minutes.)


I accept insurance for traditional Talk Therapy sessions. (They can include some meditation, breathing, relaxation techniques as they are also covered by insurance.) These sessions are 45 minutes. I am on most major insurance panels, including Aetna, Cigna, Emblem, United Health Care, Medicare, etc.

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