Feeling depressed a lot of the time is a very painful way to live

Depression: an ongoing difficult state of being involving very low mood, sadness, low motivation, low energy and lack of interest, feeling like giving up, trouble sleeping and concentrating, and feelings of low self-worth, guilt, and self- blame.

To help you, we can use the A More Complete Therapy toolbox to help with all these symptoms.

We will start with talk therapy: We need to know how long you have been feeling this way, what started it and what keeps it going. Together, we’ll review your personal history, your background and your current situation.

We will review what is working for you now, what you want help with and what improvements you hope for. We start with the traditional “Talk Therapy” approach.

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When you’re depressed you have heavy, blocked energy in your physical body

When you’re depressed, your negative thoughts and painful emotions create blocked and weakened energy flow in your physical body, reinforcing your depressed mood. With depression your energy is heavy, confused and scattered, and ungrounded—disconnected from your vital life force and energetic potential.

It is hard to do personal growth work when you feel this way, so we will also consider using Body Psychotherapy Tools to help your body become more enlivened and energized. Click here to learn more.

We can bring in new energies to shift your depressed energies

We can use Vortex Energy Healing® Divine Energy Healing tools to activate and energize you. These tools can release patterns at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

For example, Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing can energize your body energy pathways (chakras, meridians, and other pathways), creating more flow and reminding you of a “non-depressed way to feel.” Or Vortex can transmit energies that allow for a different consciousness, like more self-compassion or ease from suffering energy.

When we attend to the WHOLE you (your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves) you get energized and enlivened!

With depression, there can be a history of trauma

With depression, you likely have had traumatic experiences, that have led you to feel demoralized, stuck or powerless.  Big traumas (abuse, abandonment, emotionally unavailable parents, etc.) and “little” painful traumas (being teased, embarrassed or rejected by others, etc.) can often lead to depression.

Sometimes depression can even be the (human) organism’s way of “shutting down”, as a specific trauma management strategy. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a powerful trauma therapeutic modality, will help.

Neurofeedback Brain Training eases your brain out of depressed, repetitive patterns

When you are depressed your brain is locked in a stuck, limited brain wave bandwidth. Because it is stuck, it is not optimally adaptive to the present moment.

In NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, your brain is given feedback in the present moment (during the actual session) about what it is doing that it doesn’t need to do anymore (e.g. is not adaptive to the present moment.) The brain uses that feedback to let go of some of those maladaptive patterns—and frees itself up to remember innate, healthier patterns.

If we go to an even deeper level, soul level interventions can dramatically ease depression

At a very deep level, Soul Level matters can lead to depression. With depression you may be unaware of your true value, gifts and purpose. A Soul Plan Reading gives you a profound view of your true gifts, talents and life purpose.

Sometimes with depression you can be blocked by karmic factors. Soul Realignment work can clear blocks at the karmic level, releasing you from old patterns that are partly responsible for your depression.

A More Complete Therapy

Embrace your true self and use that connection to accelerate your emotional healing and personal growth.


Explore your thoughts, story, personal history, and “issues.” What do you want help with, what you want to change, and what you want to create?



By bringing awareness to the emotional issues stored in our physical body, we can shift stuck energies, enliven your life force, and inspire personal growth.



By integrating therapy with YOUR spiritual beliefs, ideas of what’s possible, and concepts of how “life works,” you can have a fuller personal growth experience.



A More Complete Therapy uses a holistic mix of therapy and energy healing tecniques to get powerful results. Some of my most commonly used methods include:

Yes I do offer Traditional Therapy. This is Talk Therapy and usually is for people who are new to therapy or only want to work on a specific issue for a shorter period of time, but I am open to exploring what your interests and needs are.

Learn more about Individual Therapy

Yes, I do Telehealth!

Over years of initial research, Telehealth has been shown to be highly effective. During the times of mandated stay-at-home, it is the safest way to do therapy! I do Telehealth by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, and a therapy video service called Doxyme.

Not all of A Complete Therapy can be done via Telehealth but a good portion of it can.

We can do: Talk Therapy, Energy Healing, Spirituality, Soul level techniques, and Evolutionary Energetics. We can do components of Body Therapy and EMDR, remotely.

During the pandemic, we cannot do Neurofeedback in my office, but you could buy a Personal Home Neurofeedback system (and I can guide you through using it and help you incorporate its effects into your personal growth process.)

A More Complete Therapy is a private pay therapy — the fee is $250 per 60-minute session.

Most Complete Therapy sessions include Talk Therapy, Body Therapy, Energy Healing, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, and Soul Plan Reading.

  • EMDR sessions are often 90 minutes long ($300) but can also be done in 60-minute sessions ($250.)
  • The fee for Soul Realignment readings by themselves is $600 but when done as part of a Complete Therapy Experience it is $250 (for the reading, clearing, and paper work) in addition to the $250 reporting session (90 minutes.) [During the times of the pandemic crisis, reduced rates are available.]

It is possible to come for my separate modalities, and not therapy:

  • If you come for just EMDR and not Complete Therapy, the fee is $250 for the 60 minute session and $300 for the 90 minute session.
  • If you come for Neurofeedback (and not therapy) the fee $200 per session or $150 per session when you buy a package of 10.
  • A Soul Plan Reading by itself (without therapy) is $400 and is a 90 minute reading.
  • A Soul Realignment Reading by itself (without therapy) is $600, and involves the practitioner doing the clearing separately from the feedback/reporting session (which takes 90 minutes.)


I accept insurance for traditional Talk Therapy sessions. (They can include some meditation, breathing, relaxation techniques as they are also covered by insurance.) These sessions are 45 minutes. I am on most major insurance panels, including Aetna, Cigna, Emblem, United Health Care, Medicare, etc.

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