What if you could get a radically different perspective on who you really are — and what your potential for this lifetime could be?

Imagine seeing life from your Soul’s perspective! How can that shift things for you? Perhaps you came into this lifetime with a plan, at the Soul level! You could be here for a specific kind of experience…

Another great tool for your personal growth process is your SOUL PLAN READING:

It can tell you what you came here to work on and accomplish. It can provide a non-pathological model (not illness-based) of what your issues are and give you clarity about your true gifts and talents.

Here’s the idea: Your Soul Plan Reading is a reading of what your Soul decided it wanted to work on and accomplish in this incarnation (life time.)

In order to be interested in this reading, you need to be open to or believe in, 1) that you have a Soul, 2) that some souls reincarnate for multiple life times in bodies, and 3) that some souls choose Earth as a place to embody, to explore and learn things that can be learned on Earth (in “Earth School.”)

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This Soul Plan Reading (channeled by Frank Alper, developed by Blue Marsden) is based in the ancient Gematria numerology

It is based in the idea that we live in a vibrational universe and that we can, as souls, create an Earth experience by giving ourselves various talents, challenges, and goals by choosing our birth name (which has numerological, vibrational attributes.)

At the Soul Level, we contract with our parents to have them put a certain name on our birth certificate, which gives us Worldly Challenges, Worldly Talents, and Worldly Goals, Spiritual Challenges, Spiritual Talents, and Spiritual Goals, and a lifetime Soul Destiny (our ultimate goal for this lifetime.)

Soul Plans offer a helpful perspective for personal growth

It helps a person clarify “What is going on for me in this lifetime?”, “What is this all about, really?”, and “How do I understand, at the deepest level, what I am doing here?”

It helps a person really understand what their gifts and talents are and how to use them in a fulfilling way. It also offers a non-diagnostic or “pathological” way to think about our issues and by doing that, gives additional ways to approach the problems.

Sarrah Bronson’s Soul Plan Destiny: I’m here to be a multi-faceted healer and to mirror back to you the wonderful person you really are!

Penelope’s Soul Plan Success Story

Penelope was a very spiritual client who had made much progress in her personal growth. She had become a professional in a healing field and had a lot of self -knowledge.

For her, her Soul Plan Reading was extremely helpful because it revealed two aspects of her healing talents that she was only vaguely aware of: one, that she has an extraordinary ability to help people, at any level (child, adult, educated, uneducated, etc.) understand aspects of spirituality that are immediately relevant and helpful to them in their present day life.

Also, she has an extraordinary ability to work with groups and communities. Penelope’s reading helped her conceptualize her long-term professional goals and paved the way for deeper fulfillment.

Randy’s Soul Plan Success Story

Randy’s Soul Plan Reading helped him find another way to look at his ADD. Randy had struggled with distractibility and attentional problems all his life but had not be diagnosed until we began working in therapy together when he was in college.

Randy’s self-esteem was harmed by his self-blame and lack of understanding about why he had the behavioral patterns that he did.

It helped him to know that his natural cognitive and learning style (ADD) involved distractibility and difficulty with focus, moving him away from self-attack and helping us craft effective compensatory strategies.

But when we did his Soul Plan Reading and considered from a different perspective that his 6-6 challenges (the scattered, unfocused, jumping from one thing to another) were to help him learn to explore and harness a vast array of creative energies, to home in on each of his various creative potentials one at a time, and to profit emotionally from the spiritually expansive dimension of the 6-6 challenges, he was much better able to see his “problems” as holding a key to his successful expression of his considerable giftedness.

Soul Realignment Work: A spiritual clearing and realignment that rids you of Karmic blocks

Sometimes people get stuck

It might be in their career, or in relationships or even in their development of their spiritual gifts. Sometime there is a block at the Karmic level (from an earlier issue in another lifetime. Sometimes this persists during multiple lifetimes!)

In a Soul Realignment (developed by Andrrea Hess) session, the practitioner is empowered to go into the Karmic records, determine if there are any blockages to your current life progress and remove those blockages.

A Soul Realignment reading will also heal other problems (reconnecting you to life force energies that are yours by Spiritual Law) as well as determine which positive BIG lifetime energies are still present and operative in your energy field (such as lifetimes in Lemuria or the Revolutionary War) and which positive spiritual lineage energies are currently operating at some level in your energy system (such as lifetimes doing healing work.)

In Soul Realignment work, the practitioner is attuned or initiated into the correct access to the Karmic records and then follows a very precise protocol to determine what needs to be cleared. It is not up to any intuitive sense by the practitioner and so there is no room for error.

Caleb’s Soul Plan Success Story

Caleb was the adult son of one of my clients. She, his mother, reported that despite being very bright, he kept failing his professional license test by one or two points. He did have ADHD and was reluctant to take stimulant medication but finally swallowed his pride and did so.

Twice again, even with the medication, he failed by two points. I suspected that “something else was going on”, raised it with my client and she decided to give him a Soul Realignment session.

In that reading, which was not shared with the young man (because he did not want to know), I discovered and cleared an agreement he had made with a relative in a past life that was holding him back in a deleterious way. After the agreement was cleared (by Spiritual Law), my client’s son passed his test and was able to practice in his field.

Mia’s Soul Plan Success Story

Mia was a spiritual person who worked in a non-spiritual type of business and had a large but non-spiritual family. She came to therapy for depression and we came to understand that she felt very alone and isolated.

We made much progress in talk therapy and Mia developed a meditation practice through podcasts, and various downloads. She found a few friends at work who were interested in her spiritual ideas but not active participants themselves.

Mia agreed to be one of my practice clients during my training and through a variety of circumstances we never we able to go over the results of the reading. But her life changed profoundly after the clearing and it directly related to the karmic block removal.

It turned out that she had made a past life agreement to tie herself to a particular group and to never leave them.

After the reading, Mia happened to go to a spiritual workshop that interested her. The leaders of the workshop also offered cruises with spiritual workshops as part of them. Mia loved this idea and has been taking these cruises annually, where she has met a new community of like-minded people.

A More Complete Therapy

Embrace your true self and use that connection to accelerate your emotional healing and personal growth.


Explore your thoughts, story, personal history, and “issues.” What do you want help with, what you want to change, and what you want to create?



By bringing awareness to the emotional issues stored in our physical body, we can shift stuck energies, enliven your life force, and inspire personal growth.



By integrating therapy with YOUR spiritual beliefs, ideas of what’s possible, and concepts of how “life works,” you can have a fuller personal growth experience.



A More Complete Therapy uses a holistic mix of therapy and energy healing tecniques to get powerful results. Some of my most commonly used methods include:

Yes I do offer Traditional Therapy. This is Talk Therapy and usually is for people who are new to therapy or only want to work on a specific issue for a shorter period of time, but I am open to exploring what your interests and needs are.

Learn more about Individual Therapy

Yes, I do Telehealth!

Over years of initial research, Telehealth has been shown to be highly effective. During the times of mandated stay-at-home, it is the safest way to do therapy! I do Telehealth by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, and a therapy video service called Doxyme.

Not all of A Complete Therapy can be done via Telehealth but a good portion of it can.

We can do: Talk Therapy, Energy Healing, Spirituality, Soul level techniques, and Evolutionary Energetics. We can do components of Body Therapy and EMDR, remotely.

During the pandemic, we cannot do Neurofeedback in my office, but you could buy a Personal Home Neurofeedback system (and I can guide you through using it and help you incorporate its effects into your personal growth process.)

A More Complete Therapy is a private pay therapy — the fee is $250 per 60-minute session.

Most Complete Therapy sessions include Talk Therapy, Body Therapy, Energy Healing, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, and Soul Plan Reading.

  • EMDR sessions are often 90 minutes long ($300) but can also be done in 60-minute sessions ($250.)
  • The fee for Soul Realignment readings by themselves is $600 but when done as part of a Complete Therapy Experience it is $250 (for the reading, clearing, and paper work) in addition to the $250 reporting session (90 minutes.) [During the times of the pandemic crisis, reduced rates are available.]

It is possible to come for my separate modalities, and not therapy:

  • If you come for just EMDR and not Complete Therapy, the fee is $250 for the 60 minute session and $300 for the 90 minute session.
  • If you come for Neurofeedback (and not therapy) the fee $200 per session or $150 per session when you buy a package of 10.
  • A Soul Plan Reading by itself (without therapy) is $400 and is a 90 minute reading.
  • A Soul Realignment Reading by itself (without therapy) is $600, and involves the practitioner doing the clearing separately from the feedback/reporting session (which takes 90 minutes.)


I accept insurance for traditional Talk Therapy sessions. (They can include some meditation, breathing, relaxation techniques as they are also covered by insurance.) These sessions are 45 minutes. I am on most major insurance panels, including Aetna, Cigna, Emblem, United Health Care, Medicare, etc.

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